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The Architectural Lighting Brands We Love And Why

As lighting designs scenes, go, and the manufacture of cutting-edge and innovative lighting solutions, Italy is rich of designers who’ve cropped up as leaders in the architectural
lighting space. Today these contemporary lighting solutions are bold and striking in interior and outdoor spaces.

Be amazed at our favourite architectural lighting brands:


Luciferos is one of the world’s leading lighting brands combining technologically advanced lighting solutions as well as using contemporary materials and finishes.

File Flex suspended from ceiling

Luciferos mission is “lighting should be at the service of architecture”. Task lighting at its best – this blurs the lines between function and visual form.

FILE FLEX can accommodate a number of lighting solutions while also creating a striking over-sized lighting sculpture. The thin profile can curve horizontally and vertically in any direction using continuous led strip lighting. Imagine infinite lighting shapes floating in space!!!

We love the APP-EAL which is impeccably Italian, minimal yet functional lighting design emphasising items sat on the shelf or hanging art. The shelf lighting fixture sits on a wall with a diffused light pointed upwards.

APP-EAL L Shaped Lighting FixtureAPP-EAL 

The classic iPipedi R80 Versione Speciale is one of the light fittings from the VS range developed by the Italian lighting masters for the Australian market. This is popular with Australian interior designers as the 80mm diameter and 130mm long ceiling lights were designed for Australian lower ceilings. There are also marine grade waterproof outdoor versions.

Gineico iPipedi R80 Versione Speciale Australian LightingiPipedi

Microfile is a LED strip lighting product for interior and exterior use. Microfile Trimless Recessed is available in IP40 or IP65 for harsh outdoor conditions, designed with a high resistance against water and corrosion. Perfect for accent lighting in outdoor applications and directing walking traffic or ambient lighting depending on the interior design application. The frosted lens delivers high-intensity light without dotting.

Luciferos Microfile Trimless Recessed IP65 outdoor lightingMicrofile


Fabbian delves into new luminous frontiers, collaborating with architects and designers to create technologically advanced lighting solutions, combining traditional lighting formats and modern design. Based out of Venice, Fabbian specialises in innovative glass manufacturing techniques that build on the Italian, Murano tradition and functions successfully with modern interior design.

The Lens F46 Pendant Lamp has a metal diffusor in three finishes, copper, brass, and black iron. The lighting solution includes wall/ceiling lamp and a pendant lamp. The lens with a single spotlight can light up residential interiors, whereas the multiple version with three spotlights is suitable to style large spaces like restaurants, bars, and lobbies. The two different sizes and irregular lens surfaces create different shadow and light effects, a perfect way to create a focal point.

Fabbian Lens F46 pendant lighting solutionLens F46 Pendant Lamp

The Olympic F45 Pendant is made up of circular light rings inspired by the Olympic rings. The pendants can be used individually, multiple or in a triple configuration. When the light rings are connected, the illuminating sources interconnect creating a hierarchy of light and shadow.

Fabbian Olympic F45 pendant lighting solution

Olympic F45 PendantFabbian Olympic F45 pendant lighting solution

The Lumi Sfera can either be in a wall, pendant or ceiling lamp format. It has a satin finish and white blown glass diffuser. The base is painted white. With an IP44 rating, the lighting solution is also suitable for wet areas.

Fabbian Lumi Sfera bathroom lightingLumi

Buzzi & Buzzi

Buzzi & Buzzi are leading lighting designers combining technology, art, and design to create dazzling innovative architecture lighting. Their invention of Coral®, DurCoral®, AirCoral®, and WaterCoral® are cutting edge eco-active materials that are inert, non-allergic, and composed of non-toxic mineral elements.

Genius Basic, is a ceiling recessed indoor light, that is installed on surfaces made of different materials, such as glass, wood, iron, cement, mirrors and industrial modules. The LED recessed spotlight emits an incredible light intensity through just a 20mm emission hole, so tiny that it disappears when the product is turned off. The perfect solution for when you just need light but minimal distraction of a design feature.

Buzzi & Buzzi Genius lighting solution

Buzzi & Buzzi Genius lighting solutionGenius

Underline is a footpath light solution installed in-ground that is also walked on. It perfectly camouflages in an outdoor environment and is made of a DurCoral® a material three times stronger than cement and its resistance is emphasised by the clear light beam, that reaches 5,5W.

Buzzi & Buzzi Underline

Buzzi & Buzzi UnderlineUnderline

Fontana Arte

The iconic brand was founded in 1932 by the Italian architect, industrial and furniture designer Gio Ponti. Fontana Arte is well known in the architectural lighting space for the
manufacture and creative use of glass and metal. The iconic classic lights including Fontana, Falena, Sillaba, Lampara, Duplex and Flute are still in production today.

The famous Italian Art Deco floor lamp Luminator was designed by Pietro Chiesa in 1932 and was the first indirect floor lamp. This is available in metallic blue or white.

Fontana Arte art deco lampLuminator

The Italian table lamp Equatore is a light generated by two luminous discs placed inside a central metal band, visible on the shade, that represents the line of the equator.

Fontana Arte EquatoreEquatore

Gineico Marine

Gineico Marine uses five different Italian lighting manufacturers and has over 1000 different marine grade light fittings in the range. These Italian made lights are designed for the harsh marine conditions. Outdoor areas are illuminated in an intelligent yet stylish way.

The Gineico Vintage Ship Light is part of the Italian vintage ship light collection. The round 215mm diameter solid marine grade brass bunker light is available in custom sizes. Other finishes include polished and satin chrome (galvanised), copper and custom colours available. The frosted thick pyrex glass can also be translucent. The 240V E27 lamp holder
accommodates LED, halogen or fluorescent globes.

Gineico Vintage Ship Lights CollectionVintage Ship Light


We call this contemporary ‘light-architecture’ and we’re excited every time a new product is produced. Antonangeli is a group of Italian masters in sculpture, light movement and harmonising with internal and outdoor spaces.

Armonica is inspired by the 70s and is reminiscent of a car light. It comes in chrome, gold, brushed copper metal and borosilicate glass.

Antonangeli Armonica lighting room solutionArmonica

The Italian architectural lighting solution Skyfall Lamp is hand beaten with a brass plate and is part of a floor, wall and suspension lamp collection.

Antonangeli Skyfall floor lampSkyfall Lamp


These exceptional lights have a life of their own breathing warmth and when lit changes the mood of a room. We are in awe every time we see one of these hand blown architectural lights. From classical to contemporary, Melogranoblu offers a choice for all interior styles.

The Beta glass pendant light is a luxurious handcrafted Italian fitting that comes in clear or frosted glass. These are the focal point in the room, and it feels like you are swimming in a sea of glass.

Melogranoblu architectural Italian lighting solutionsBeta

The Moon Opera blown glass collection comes in any size and is available in pendant, wall and floor style. For high ceilings, the Moon pendant lights make a room bigger while the moon lamp can elegantly sit on a table. The light illuminates a room with a lunar glow that is soft and graceful.

Melogranoblu pendant lightsMoon


In a residential or commercial property, VeniceM light solutions give a room sophistication and creative panache. These contemporary Italian architectural lights are sculptural and functional simultaneously.

Mondrian Glass Ceiling chandelier is made up of five hand blown Murano glass diffusers, available in white, amethyst or smoky grey. The ceiling lamp is inspired by the painter Piet Mondrian and his harmonious use of vertical and horizontal lines whose balance of form enables it to reimagine any space.

VeniceM architechtural Italian lighting designMondrian Glass Ceiling

Mondrian Glass Ceiling comes in natural burnished brass, polished black nickel or flawless gold structure.

VeniceM architechtural Italian lighting designMondrian Glass Ceiling

Meet VeniceM’s Kitami Wall light, an artistic contemporary Italian light perfect for a master ensuite or to feature in a high ceilinged room. The hanging chandelier projects direct light from glazed glass diffusers mounted at the top of metal rods connecting to parallel and perpendicular metal rods.

VeniceM architechtural Italian lighting architecture Kitami wall lightKitami Wall light

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Gineico Lighting only represents lighting brands that are designed and manufactured in Italy.

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