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Minifile Perimeter

The Minifile Perimeter is a modular system for direct, diffused, accent or wall washer uses.

It is made of 62×32 mm painted or anodised extruded aluminium empty profiles, available in predefined lengths or cut to measure.

Available in wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, suspended, trimless recessed or recessed with super-slim 5 mm. width edge trim versions.

The Minifile Perimeter is to be integrated with linear LED sources, LED spotlights, complete with 50/60 Hz 230/240 V electronic power supply.

IP20 or IP40 protection degree depending on the selected lighting combinations.

Brand: LuciferosDesigner: Luciferos
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AREA: Interior Surface: Ceiling, WallIP Rating: 20, 40Format: Recessed
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