Iferrosi_Outdoor_Floor_Luciferos_2020_Gineico-Lighting Iferrosi_Outdoor_Floor_Doppio_Palo_Luciferos_2020_Gineico-Lighting Iferrosi_Outdoor_Floor_Palo_H3300-120_Luciferos_2020_Gineico-Lighting Iferrosi_Outdoor_Floor_Palo_H3300-60_Luciferos_2020_Gineico-Lighting Iferrosi_Outdoor_Floor_Palo_H3300-60-60_Luciferos_2020_Gineico-Lighting Iferrosi_Outdoor_Floor_Palo_H1300-60_Luciferos_2020_Gineico-Lighting Iferrosi_Outdoor_Floor_Palo_H700-36_Luciferos_2020_Gineico-Lighting Gineico Lighting - Iferrosi Floor Exterior Floor Lamp


iFERROSI FLOOR offers delicately offset single or double post heights of 700mm to 3000mm combined with robust IP54 6.7W to 18W LED spotlight variations.

Champagne Gold or Graphite adjustable spotlights accent against the graphite post.

Lumen outputs from 640lm to 1483lm with medium and flood beams allow the iFerrosi Floor lamps to be used as elements of precise interior or exterior architectural lighting.

Also available in iFerrosi System for customised arrangements and installation options, in addition to iFerrosi Wall which utilise the same spotlights to maintain design integrity throughout your project.

Brand: Luciferos
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AREA: Exterior Surface: FloorColour Temperature: 3000, 4000IP Rating: 54Beam Angle: Medium, Narrow, WideFormat: SurfaceControl Protocol: Fixed OutputCRI: >90
Additional Information

Champagne Gold, Graphite

Finish Temperature

3000k, 4000k


Narrow, Medium, Wide

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