Melogranoblu is a boutique manufacturer of pure glass artistry, specializing in suspended modular glass sculptures as well as table lamps. Melogranoblu products are beautiful artforms delivering a sensory and emotional experience through the use of glass and light, with the option of the glass sculptures being illuminated internally or externally,.

Their flagship collection is the HYDRA SYSTEM. HYDRA is a modular lighting system for interior spaces, creating fascinating and articulated luminous compositions.

Hydra is a modular lighting system for interiors created by melogranoblu to easily design and create fascinating and articulated luminous compositions. Blown glass shapes, clear or frosted, suspended by tubular colored metal meshes, reflect light in the room, creating suggestive scenographies.

Versatility, lightness, easy installation and freedom of design are its distinctive features. With Hydra it is possible to create countless light configurations suitable for all architectural interiors, be they residential or contract.

Their in-house group of designers work in close synergy with the client to develop ‘scenographic’ compositions designed for the specific interior space, starting from a concept and developing a detailed shop drawing complete with instructions for the installers.

All Melogranoblu creations are unique, with hand blown glass sculptures that stretch the imagination and delight the senses with wonder.


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