Firmamento Milano has been active for more than 50 years in the business world and for more than 35 years in the design, both in the distribution and in the production, I decided to start this new company. Well, it can be considered a startup of a 70 years old man/person.

Important past work experiences in various areas and especially in the distribution (Morassutti/Metropolis) and in the production (FontanaArte), always in the dual role of entrepreneur and President, represent the bases on which this new challenge is founded.

Values such as respect for the others, for the employees, for the suppliers, for the competitors, for the collaborators, for the customers and for the public have been and will always be the constant reference in our activity. They are the same values that in the years led me to take care of multiple associations always with the intention/ aim that the entrepreneur’s world interests can and must be defended/protected/supported. My personal
past experiences, all with this intense object, are several: from the Presidency of Assoluce to that of Cosmit
(Salone del Mobile) to that of Indicam to defend intellectual property rights and fight against counterfeit, to
that of Altagamma of which I had been the creator and the founder and for many years vicepresident. Also in
Firmamento Milano the values recalled are indispensable values, all those who will be called upon to collaborate must share them.

After a few years of absence, I am back to the world of industrial design with a goal: to create a catalog with a collection of products that may represent a strongly independent proposal from what the market apparently asks for. A collection inspired by a deeply rooted culture of design. I am truly convinced that to make marketing means also to be second in the success. To make innovation means being first, sometimes risking to be even too “forward”.

I strongly believe that this is the only way to have success without being conditioned by the market.
The support of my wife Giulia Savini, who is engaged also in other business activities, and of my friend Maurizio
Magnoni, good for him much younger than me, with whom I shared a long business experience having been in charge of the entire production and logistics, are helping me in this enterprise.

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