Gineico have provided Studio BSA not only with bespoke lighting products, they back up their products with excellent service and offer custom lighting solutions. PG has a great ‘’design eye’’ and he has assisted us with some outstanding custom lighting solutions.

Bruce Stafford - Director | Bruce Stafford Architects

Burran Ave

A beautiful home created by Corben Architects for a busy & active family.

360 Centrepoint

360 Restaurant was a premier dinner venue in the Iconic Westfield Tower in Sydney.

How did you come to work with Gineico Lighting?
PG and I met on a project, Hugos Manly. PG assisted us in sourcing a particular type of wall light with a specific finish that we were looking for. I have since found that the personal service that he offers is fantastic. Whether we need a catalogue item or something custom-made, Gineico always have worthwhile options

Vince Squillace - Architect | Squillace Architects and Interiors

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  • Looking for a healthy environment? AirCoral® is certified for its eco-active, anti-polluting, anti-bacterial and photocatalytic properties. It's ideal for use in all domestic premises or commercial spaces.

  • A lighting dimmer switch brings joy to many, and from an aesthetic point of view can stage-manage a mood and bring stunning dynamics to your space. Dimming lights; control your light brightness, improves the aesthetic ap

  • At Gineico, we are focused on delivering exceptional service to our valued customers, who are part of 'la nostra famiglia' - our family.


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