Q.1 Do you have trained technical staff to help with onsite lighting issues?

Gineico prides itself on customer service. Should you or your electrician have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on +61 417 950 455 or showroom@gineico.com Gineico has a network of technicians, on call, across Australia. Should we not be able to help you over the phone we will organise a technician to visit you and resolve the issue.

Q. 2 What is the lead time?

Standard manufacturing lead time is approximately 4-5 weeks from confirmation of order (not including holiday closures). The goods are then ready for collection from the manufacturer in Italy.

Transit time for sea freight is approximately 6-7 weeks from date goods are ready / collected from the manufacturers warehouse in Italy.

For sea freight, you can expect your order in 10-12 weeks.

Should you choose to pay extra for Express Air Freight, the lead time is anywhere from 7 working days (if the light is in stock with the manufacturer in Italy) to 5-6 weeks (if the light needs to be manufactured prior to dispatch).

Q. 3 What is the difference between Sea Freight and Express Air Freight?

Standard prices are based on sea freight from Italy to Australia. Transit time for sea freight is approximately 6-7 weeks from date goods are ready to be collected from the manufacturers warehouse in Italy.

Express Air Freight is an additional cost (ask us for a quote) and takes approximately 7 working days from Italy.

Q. 4 What warranty does Gineico offer on lights?

Gineico Pty Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the “company”) guarantees that its products are free from manufacturing defects and defective materials. In case the products are used in accordance with their intended purpose, the guarantee covers them for a period of five years (60 months) from the date of delivery.

The guarantee shall apply exclusively if the products are used in accordance with the given product and application specifications and that they have been installed and put into service by a licensed electrician, according to the installation instructions enclosed with the product and that the temperature and voltage limits have not been exceeded.

The electronic control gear boxes are covered by a guarantee of three years (36 months) from the date of delivery under condition that the products have been installed with bulbs that conform to the indications reported on the catalogue and that they have been used respecting the technical specifications indicated by the manufacturer.

The guarantee covers only product failures caused by proven defects of production and materials. The guarantee applies only under presentation of an official purchase contract such as the invoice and an evident proof of the claimed defect, after which and only once verified by the company that the claimed defects are covered by the guarantee, it is in the company’s discretion to either repair the defective product or to replace with an identical or equivalent product in case the defective product results to be no longer in production.

The company guarantees that replacement products or replacement parts will not present material or manufacturing defects for the remaining duration of the applicable guarantee period of the product replaced or of the product into which they are incorporated.

The guarantee does not apply to:

• any ancillary cost arisen in connection with the repair of the defects, such as those related to the dismantling and installation, transport of the defective and of the repaired or new products, disposal, travel time and mileage, scaffolding, hoisting engines, etc. The mentioned costs will be borne by the buyer;

• parts subject to wear, such as the standard bulbs eventually supplied, batteries and starters of magnetic ballasts;

• electronic components branded and manufactured by other manufacturers that the company only distributes;

• any service necessary to reactivate or update software, such as that of demotic systems and similar;

• products defects due to force majeure, such as atmospheric events, etc. The guarantee shall expire immediately if any change to or any repair work on the product is performed without written consent or if the product is installed inappropriately or by non-qualified staff.


The guarantee covers the LED modules only in case of a failure rate higher the mean failure rate (nominal failure rate is 0.2%/1000 burning hours). Reduction of the luminous f lux of LED modules is to be deemed normal up to a value of 0,6%/1000 burning hours) and thus is not covered by the guarantee. Due to the technical development and to the change of the luminous flux caused by their use, the LED modules delivered subsequently to the to the first delivery may differ in the luminous flux and light colour.

Q. 5 How do I order from Gineico?

Firstly, you will need to request a quotation. Follow our online registration process, select your products and we will be in touch within 24 hours with your quotation.

We will contact you and ask a number of questions to establish that the light will be correct for your requirements. Gineico Lighting has a large range of lighting solutions and we want to make sure that you are supplied with the best solution to achieve your desired effect.

When you decide to proceed with your quotation we required a 50% deposit with the balance due prior to dispatch.

Q. 6 Why am I charged for local delivery?

Gineico Pty Ltd will add local delivery charge to the final invoice. Once the delivery is received from Italy and checked our team will contact you for final payment, including the local delivery charge. Depending on the size of your order, together with the urgency, sometimes multiple deliveries are required.

Q. 7 Are all Gineico products made in Italy?

All of our lighting brands are designed and made in Italy. From time to time we may source drivers and dimming modules from local suppliers. Rest assured that when you purchase light fittings from Gineico Lighting you are receiving ethical and authentic Italian designer products.

We strongly believe that replica designs diminish the design industry and steal from the original designer and their design intent. We support authentic design.

Q. 8 Are globes included in the quoted price?

Unless otherwise stated on our quotation all globes are included in the price.

Q. 9 Do you have a Trade Price?

Due to the technical nature of our lighting we prefer to supply to Architects, Interior Designers, Decorators, Stylists and Lighting Engineers. Essentially, we have only one price, the Trade Price, because this is the market that we choose to specialise in. We do not supply the general public.

Q. 10 Can I organise spare globes through Gineico?

We strongly recommend that when you place your order you request a quote for spare globes. The ‘rule of thumb’ is 10% of the total quantity or we recommend enough globes for 10 years.

Q. 11 Are dimming modules included in the cost of the light?

Unless stated otherwise on our quotation the dimming module is not included. Once the dimming signal is known please advise our Sales Department and we can organise a quote for the correct dimming module for your light fitting. Most of the Gineico range of lights are suitable for the following dimming signals:

  • 0-10V Dimming (not suitable for large commercial and industrial installations)
  • Trailing Edge Dimming (typically applied with electronic drivers)
  • Leading Edge Dimming (not suitable for fixtures with sensitive electronics)
  • DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface)

Q. 12 Are drivers included in the cost of the light?

Unless stated otherwise on our quotation the driver is not included. Once the total number of circuits, together with the lighting layout, are known please contact us for a quotation on the correct driver for your light fitting. In most cases the warranty is void without the correct driver for your light fitting.

Q. 13 Does Gineico only supply Architects, Designers and Lighting Engineers?

Due to the technical nature of our lighting we prefer to supply to Architects, Interior Designers, Decorators, Stylists and Lighting Engineers. As part of qualifying to be a design professional an overview of lighting is received. This knowledge is required to be able to specify the correct lighting. Furthermore, the qualified professional has a deeper appreciation of the quality required for a light fitting to perform in a particular environment.

Q. 14 How long has Gineico been in business?

Gineico Pty Ltd was established in 1978 as a Gambacorti family business.

Gineico Pty Ltd started in the marine hardware market and within 20 years had established an architectural lighting division of the company. Quite often the owner of the ‘big boat’ had a water front property that required outdoor lighting that did not corrode.

Gineico Lighting is a growing business, with a strong pedigree in outdoor lighting that has been tested in the harsh Australian marine environment.

Gineico Lighting now represents some of the world’s leading Italian lighting manufacturers. The relationships with our Italian brands have been firmly established over a number of years. Together with our brands we enjoy a mutual respect for technical support and authentic design.

In 2020 we celebrate 44 years in the business of importing Italian made and designed products.

Q. 15 Does Gineico deliver world-wide? Australia wide? New Zealand?

Gineico delivers world wide from our Head Quarters & Warehouse based on the Gold Coast in QLD, Australia.

Q. 16 What is AirCoral and how does it purify the air?

AirCoral® is an innovative new material created by Buzzi & Buzzi, patented and certified by the TCNA (Tile Council of North America). It is characterized by its eco-active, anti-polluting, anti-bacterial and photocatalytic properties, effectively improving the quality of life for those inhabiting the areas where it has been installed. In addition to the qualities of robustness and aesthetic appeal which characterize Coral®, AirCoral® is distinguished by its bactericidal action against pathogenic agents carrying potentially serious diseases. It also has the capacity to break down pollutants encountered in the urban environment, such as Hexane, a toxic gas produced by the use of hydrocarbons for fuel and heating.

The revolutionary new feature of this material lies in its capacity to purify the air, making the areas where it is installed significantly cleaner, healthier and more hygienic, and reducing the harmful effects of the main polluting agents. This cleansing action is carried out even in the absence of light. AirCoral® is therefore ideal for use in all those instances of private premises or public buildings (hospitals, health centres, hotels, schools and kindergartens, nightspots…), where there is a particular need for a healthy environment.

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