Fil Rouge System

Fil Rouge was born from Antonangeli’s desire to offer innovative lighting solutions through the constant research of technologies, materials, applications that allow the creation of original products, which at the same time respond to the needs of differentiated use, easy to apply. 

Eighteen spools of copper wire woven with technopolymer wires create a very thin ribbon 1 mm high and 18 mm wide.
In the center, three “tracks” obtained with copper wires, conduct low voltage electricity, to house and connect a series of small devices, which seem to support themselves in thin air, thanks to the lack of volume of the tape. Fil rouge crosses the space almost invisibly, in the desired direction, conducting the energy needed to power the lightingbodies, which can be applied to measure, quickly and easily.The tape, to be used for each application, is wound in a spiral, occupying a very small space, to then be unwound and tensioned between wall and wall, between wall and ceiling or ground and ceiling.


Brand: AntonangeliDesigner: Gianfranco Marabese 2021

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