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Ceiling Lighting Tips-Pendant Or Recessed

As architects, we commonly see customers build and design houses with a design lighting plan an afterthought. Or a project runs out of money, and the ceiling lights are quickly muddled through. When doing a house build the narrative for a lighting plan needs to be one of the first considerations. Just putting up some recessed downlights is not an appropriate approach to lighting a house.

To properly select ceiling lighting for a room consider the following important factors:

  • Aesthetic of the building
  • The function of each room
  • Scale of the room
  • Where the natural light comes from and what areas need artificial light
  • Light energy efficiencies
  • Furniture placement and reflections from surfaces ie. mirrors will impact light impressions.

To properly fulfill all these functions, a room should have four types of lighting; ambient, task, accent or decorative

Ambient Continuous

Ambient lighting is also known as general continuous lighting and is the soft even light blanketing a room. It is the starting point for lighting in a room and is the foundation for light architects, engineers and designers in selecting ceiling lights for a room. Natural ambient light during the day streams through windows and at night we try to recreate this flat light, so it is as natural as possible. Ambient lighting is functional and can be decorative but is not appropriate for highlighting areas or working closely with something.

Italian lighting master Luciferos does a trimless, fully-retracting flush recessed modular lighting system with housing profiles in Minifile, File System, File2 Complementi, Leva and Faretèn. These are examples of custom sized modules of continuous light or where light modules alternate into; voids, plaster-board false-ceilings, false-walls, concrete or brick walls. Finishes are painted or anodised with extruded aluminium body.

Minifile By Luciferos – Gineico LightingFile 2 Recessed

Luciferos has created a recessed light NYX which if arrayed correctly covers the entire room. These go about illuminating a room without the fussiness of seeing frames and detracting from your view or furniture and furnishings.

NYX Tube Dimensional By Luciferos – Gineico LightingNYX Tube

Buzzi & Buzzi has developed the Genius recessed light that is installable on timber feature ceilings, plasterboard, brick surfaces and emits an incredible light intensity in just a 20mm emission hole. The hole is so tiny that it disappears when the product is turned off.

Genius By Buzzi & Buzzi – Gineico Lighting

The Genius recessed light hides or shrinks into the ceiling, so you never see the wiring.

Genius recessed light By Buzzi & Buzzi – Gineico LightingGenius

The Genius light is perfect for low ceilings, and because there are no light fixtures achieves a contemporary clean line.

Buzzi & Buzzi Genius lighting solution

Genius is a total recessed indoor luminaire made of AirCoral®.

Genius recessed light By Buzzi & Buzzi – Gineico LightingGenius

Look at all our Italian architectural designed recessed lighting.

The Roots Chandelier Suspension Lamp created by VeniceM can act as a spectacular ambient light. This chandelier provides lighting over the table for eating and drinking. A chandelier or light fixture that is to scale with the dining room table will light the seating area nicely.

Roots Chandelier Suspension Lamp By VeniceM – Gineico LightingRoots Chandelier



Accent lighting is used to highlight artwork, book case displays, bay windows, brick textures, furniture pieces, and movie rooms. The popular types of accent lights include track lighting, spot lights, wall sconces, floodlights and recessed lights.  Accent lighting is a way of adding style and drama to the home. This helps illuminate pieces you want to showcase while shadowing dull areas.

Luciferos developed the Guide System a fully-retractable flush recessed modular lighting system for the seamless installation into plasterboard false ceilings. The track system is configurable into a L-shape or straight. The spotlights are fully directional and dynamic giving new meaning to a boring spot.

Guide System By Luciferos – Gineico LightingGuide System

Luciferos has developed Manine an accent wall light that can be in a L shape wrapping around a wall corner or applied to a flat wall. The indoor or outdoor direct light is available in vertical, horizontal configurations and single or double emission.

Manine By Luciferos – Gineico LightingManine Outdoor

Mond by Buzzi & Buzzi made of DurCoral® is an outdoor accent light that highlights parts of a home, feature plants and trees or pathways. We love this lighting solution as the fixtures can be painted in the colour scheme of the property, simultaneously creating a sophisticated atmosphere.

Mond By Buzzi & Buzzi – Gineico LightingMond



Decorative light features have an element of uniqueness and creativity. As architectural features, they emit minor amounts of light. We recommend the following decorative lights for your bedroom or lounge room to sparkle and shine.

Carmen by Melograno Blu is a range of glittering hand-blown glasses and long fringes of colourful silk.

Carmen By Melograno Blu – Gineico LightingCarmen

The LBS System is the latest addition to the lighting range by Luciferos exclusively distributed in Australia by Gineico Interiors. The system is entirely modular, available in any colour and is watertight so usable outside.

LBS System By Luciferos – Gineico LightingLBS

Fontana Arte Amax Suspension hanging lamp white polyethylene is also made for outdoor use

Fontana Arte Suspension By Luciferos – Gineico LightingAmax

Melograno Blu created the exquisite Alpha, four hand-blown clear or frosted glass pendants lamps with a custom cord and shape of glass. Its shapes are soft and natural light enhancing an atmosphere of a room commercial or residential.

Alpha By Melograno Blu – Gineico LightingAlpha

Task Lighting 

Task lighting illuminates a targeted area and is a light used when working. Activities such as cooking, reading, sewing and sitting at an office desk all need a concentrated light.

The cutting edge Contact Pendant is the most sort after pendant light, used in commercial or residential architecture now. All the electrics and wiring are integrated in the Antonangeli light fixture. The round spotlights are magnetic and move along the profile extrusion so the illumination is flexible and you can direct specific spots. The lighting system comes in brush black, white and brass.

Contact Pendant By Antinangeneli – Gineico LightingContact

Minifile Suspension by Luciferos is a suspended pendant for direct task lighting. The body is available in extruded aluminium, painted or anodised finish. Ideally, pendant lighting would work well above preparation work surfaces with a shade to focus the light down and hung just above head height.

Minifile By Luciferos – Gineico LightingMicrofile

Flûte Magnum by Fontana Arte is a concentrated light with the intention of drawing the eye to its dining focal point. In the kitchen, the pendant light needs to be in the right location so the light is where you need it for task lighting when cooking, reading, looking at a furniture piece.

Flûte Magnum By Fontana Arte – Gineico Lighting

Flûte Magnum By Fontana Arte – Gineico LightingFlute

Look at our infinite range of beautiful pendant lights.

Best places to use recessed lights

  • Low ceiling rooms
  • Kitchen perimeters; these lights can be directional, and they work well as kitchen task lights
  • Home movie rooms benefiting from the clear sight-lines for looking at a screen
  • Wet areas meaning that they can be splashed with water.

Best places to use pendant lights

  • In the lounge room, over a kitchen breakfast bar, bathroom over a bath or a sink basin and a bedroom over the bedside tables
  • Locating an object centrally above the dining table is a powerful tool as it points to a centre point.

Our aim at Gineico is to improve the overall aesthetics of an interior with our lights while taking into consideration the intended use, impact, budget and functionality of the lighting scheme before developing several lighting design proposals for our customer.

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