GUIDE_Luciferos_2020_Gineico_Lighting GUIDE_c_Luciferos_2020_Gineico_Lighting GUIDE_b_Luciferos_2020_Gineico_Lighting GUIDE_d_Luciferos_2020_Gineico_Lighting GUIDE_e_Luciferos_2020_Gineico_Lighting GUIDE_a_Luciferos_2020_Gineico_Lighting Downlights GUIDE_SPOT_FOCUS_55_Luciferos_2020_Gineico_Lighting GUIDE_SPOT_FOCUS_90_Luciferos_2020_Gineico_Lighting


The Guide System provides knife-edge recessed trimless troughs with apertures of either 68mm or 138mm.

Use as a single knife-edge profile around the perimeter of your ceiling to create a floating effect whilst allowing for downlight accents where required.

Modular in nature, all installations are completely customisable with corner profiles to complete your installation.

Inset into the recessed track are retractable and adjustable Focus Spot Lights in either Ø55mm or Ø90mm.

White, or Black finish
12W – 32W
2700k / 3000k / 4000k / Tunable White / Horticulture
1285lm – 3006lm
Spot / Medium / Flood
IP20 for use in interior applications
Optional Spread Lenses, Anti-Glare Louvre

AREA: Interior Surface: CeilingMaximum Depth: Greater than 100mmBeam Angle: Medium, Narrow, WideFormat: Recessed, TrackControl Protocol: Remote driver requiredCRI: 90

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