Are you looking for the latest architectural lighting to inspire your interior design plan this 2020?  When designing spaces with architectural lighting in mind, focus on both the practicalities of the light and the longevity. Don’t be seduced by fads; these quickly come and go and will date your space over time. Creatively designed and quality made architectural lights are not short-lived, and trends include the advancement of technology and design systems

Here’s our pick of the top 11 architectural lights that will bring your client’s happiness for the long term.

Wall Light

The Lumi collection by Fabbian includes suspensions, table,  wall and pendant lights in white blown glass. Also known as artglass, this process was introduced by the ancient Romans a thousand years ago and has been developed and enhanced over time. The Lumi collection epitomises a combination of custom Italian design, functionality and what we love to call a soft style mood lighting. The atmosphere the Lumi’s create in a room are sensational.

Gineico Lighting - Fabbian - Pivot Pendant x 4

The simple design and minimalist rectangle shape of the Pivot collection by Fabbian is suitable for use in modern commercial settings, as well as for domestic spaces. The pendant, floor, wall and ceiling appliques are customisable in size. Fabbian is a leading Italian manufacturer of modern lighting and the concept of this series of lights is inspired by the way grass blades grow, firmly anchored to the ground but able to move freely in the direction of the wind. The lamp as an example therefore produces a rectangle shape that projects an indirect, but dynamic illumination on the wall. Perfect for showcasing artwork!

fruitfull_pendant suspension_fabbian_gineico lighting

The Fruitful table lamp by Fabbian is inspired as in the title fruit. This architectural light has a Bauhaus aesthetic, fusing beauty with practicality. The fruitful light is also available in pendant lighting. The striking table and pendant lights compose a zen atmosphere in both domestic and commercial spaces.

Ceiling Light

Marchetti produced Moons a ceiling and pendant are a classical lighting solution for a kitchen or lounge room. The Marchetti family has created architectural lights for more than forty years and as an Italian design house pay great attention to classical design principal and materials used. The galvanised and epoxy paint finishes are applied in-house.

Rechargable tablUmbri_Marchetti_Gineico

The innovative Umbri Rechargable table lamp by Marchetti is a favourite in interior design circles because of its technologically advanced wireless capability, quality of design and light efficiency of 3000K which is is both economically viable and energy efficient. As it’s shielded the LED light helps to reduce skyglow and improve nightscapes. The metal cordless lamp is a beautiful design feature for outdoor night entertaining and comes in white, white-black, black-gold, and a bespoke combination on request.

Buzzi & Buzzi Genius lighting solution - Gineico Lighting

Returning to our top architectural lighting list for 2020 is the Buzzi & Buzzi Genius downlight. This new breed of discreet architectural lighting, with a 20 mm diameter hole disappears into a recessed ceiling space. No replacing the bulb and the infrastructure that it sit in and no more ugly large size downlights that create a ‘runway’ effect when in operation. Over the last few years of inception this light has also become more and more efficient, using less power and materials to create great results. More importantly the small downlight punches out as much as 800 lm. Find out more about our favourite architectural downlight, architects can’t stop talking about Genius. 


Linear System

The Light Band System (known as LBS) light by Luciferos gives the lighting designer, architect or interior designer the ability to install the thin circular band of extruded aluminium in many different ways. LBS is available in ceiling, pendant and mounted with diffused direct light emission.‎ Additionally, LBS also allows to make use of directional spot lights, that can be hooked and wired to the profile.‎

File Flex custom circular light

Another Luciferos favourite is the File Flex Collection which is a versatile aluminium profile, available in system kits to be assembled for ceiling or suspension installation, to draw infinite shapes in space.‎ The linear led source follows the profile’s shapes, enhanced by a flexible opal silicone screen.‎ File Flex is a family of wall, floor, ceiling and suspended lights, made of an extruded aluminium profile with curvilinear shapes up to 3 metres in diameter. Perfect for commercial spaces.

Pendant Light Parola Fontanna Arte

Fontana Arte‘s Parola collection includes the pendant, table, wall and floor lamp focuses on minimalist design, which would fit perfectly in a sleek, modern interior. The world has been waiting for this Italian beauty which is made up of three different kinds of glass manufacture processes including opaline blown glass for the adjustable shade, natural glass for the stem and natural bevelled crystal for the base.

Pendant Light Kanji Fontana Arte

Kanji by Fontana Arte, is inspired by the oriental lantern. The hand-blown glass diffuser, in frosted white and translucent smoke, is adorned with a pleated surface decoration. A black led ring runs inside the light and magically illuminates the diffuser. The result is a soft and warm glow. Also available in a table lamp.

Wall Lights

Architectural light APEX by Fontana Arte, is an elegant newcomer to our top Italian architectural lights in 2020. Manufactured as a wall or ceiling lamp, this unique light features form whose central element recalls an eye shape.‎ As it slims to almost disappearing into its surroundings, it radiates a powerful and practical line of light.‎ The continuous light can be horizontal and vertical across a ceiling and a wall.‎

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