Genius Square_Buzzi_Gineico Lighting
Genius Square_Buzzi_Gineico Lighting Gineico Lighting - 2022-Buzzi&buzzi-- Genius Square video

Genius Square

The classic shape of Genius’ light emission hole changes, and becomes squared. As always discreet and elegant, it perfectly integrates itself with surfaces achieving extraordinary complete disappearance effects: Genius Square, a totally disappearing recessed light in AirCoral®, install on plasterboard or brick ceilings.

With a simple hand gesture, the electric part can be extracted directly from the hole which allows the light to pour out. This is possible thanks to the push-pull mechanism, which makes the eventual extraction and replacement of the LED source easier in case of maintenance.


More Details
  • AirCoral® body
  • IP20 protection grade
  • 90° light beam inclination
  • Light emission hole 20 x 20 mm
  • Dimensions 125 x 100 x 110 mm
  • LED lamp COB professional
  • LED Finish temperature: 3000K


AREA: Interior Surface: CeilingBeam Angle: 90°Format: Recessed

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