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Lighting Guide: Best Designer LED Strip Lighting

It’s no secret that including designer LED strip lighting to your lighting mix will bring sophistication and versatility to your room that can illuminate particular areas and add a softer style of light. The strip light is popular for home lighting because it’s flexible, efficient, long-lasting, and doesn’t produce excess heat.

Gone are the days of old, when LED ligths consisted of linear lighting with bright dots of white light radiating from all around a 90s kitchen cabinetry! Let’s explore the design beauty of this LED strip light further.

What is LED Strip Lighting?

A LED strip light is a grouping of LED lights attached to a flexible circuit board. The illumination is soft because it is hidden and flexibly wraps around furniture, skirting boards, ceilings, stairs, brick walls, and paving. Creatively the execution of the indirect light means you can apply along any surface!  And different quantities add to the atmosphere.

Gineico Lighting

The Minifile Perimeter is an excellent product for wall washer use. Luciferos‘s LED strip lighting adds the magical element and is genius when used in combination with the lighting mix.

What Is The Best LED Strip Lighting Output?

This is a critical factor when selecting your designer, LED strip lights. LED strip brightness is described in lumens per foot or meter. It is recommended that the best LED strip light provides at least 450 lumens per foot or 15o lumens per meter. This is the same amount of output as an old fashioned and not energy-efficient fluorescent tube!

How Bright Should LED Strip Lights Be?

Every metre of strip carries around 120 LED lights. Our guide to measuring lumens per metres for particular applications:

  • Ambient lighting: 45 to 80
  • Cabinetry lighting: 54 to 170
  • Task lighting- near source: 77 to 138
  • Task lighting- far from source: 350 to 110
  • Outside indirect lighting: 100 to 200

100 lumens is considered bright enough for outdoor night time walkways.

The width of the Microfile System  by Luciferos measures at 19.8mm and can be supplied in recessed, trimless recessed, surface mounted, wall mounted, suspended, and corner mounted.

LED strip lighting on interior floors adds a light feature and casts interesting shadows on walls. The electricity is run through a conduit in the flooring.

Microfile Luciferos Outdoor

The Microfile Outdoor is an outdoor IP65 LED strip light that is best suited to driveways. A favourite in architectural circles because it can be driven over and watertight. Outside LED lighting  has a real tangible quality, and the Microfile Outdoor installation is perfect, mixing the sophistication and moodiness of an outdoor setting.

How Long Do LED Strip Lights Last?

Interestingly LED strip lights behave differently at the end of their life compared to an incandescent or fluorescent light. LEDs slowly and gradually lose their light output and diminish 70% of their light illumination. 50,000 hours is what it takes for LED lights to reduce to 70% output. Your standard incandescent light burns out and fluorescent lights begin to flicker. In addition to dimming over time, if materials degrade at different rates, an LED can begin to shift in colour toward along its length.

As an aside if an LED strip light needs replacing, it requires the whole set to be replaced rather than only one light bulb. Sometimes one or two lights can burn out before the others so the effect is patchy.

Can LED Strips Light Up A Room?

LED strips could not light up a room but can light up an area of a room combined with task , accent and ambient ligthing sources. Layered through a room or outdoor setting—LED strip lights work together with other forms of lighting to achieve a rich and flexible lighting design.

Archetto Space linear light system by Antonangeli from Gineico Lighting

The Archetto Space light fittings from Antonangeli is used as a non-invasive and at the same time suggestive light. The floating ‘pencil of light’ provides ambient light keeping key areas well-lit and paying special attention to the design ethos in the room. 

How Many Colours Can A LED Strip Light Produce?

LED strip lights can produce both a one fixed colour ie. white, red, green and blue (RGB and there are LED strips that produce all three RGB colours. With a RGB controller, all kinds of great lighting effects are created. A RGB light controller can mix RGB colours and makes it possible for you to set different colours and light effects. RGB controllers can also change the brightness and produce dimming effects.

snakelight_round bathroom mirror flexible light_gineico lighting

The Snake Light is a flexible LED light that comes in white and RGB. This can also be used in outdoor application and the best for wet areas including bathrooms and kitchens.

Where to Use LED Strip Lighting

Kitchen And Bathroom Cabinetry

We spend a lot of time in kitchens so lights are essential for the ambience and working in dark patches in between cabinetry. LED lights are now popularly applied to everything from inside glass shelves to around breakfast bars.

Strip lighting under the kitchen island illuminates the stools and the grain in the stone on the front of an island bench. If you have beautiful marble this is a must in your design.

In a bathroom situation add an LED strip light to the bathroom and make the mirror stand out from the wall like an art piece floating. Combining LED strip lighting under a shaving cabinet illuminates dark areas on the bathroom bench.

Note that Gineico only use non-dotting LED strip lighting, so you are guaranteed to keep the focus on your design. Unlike budget priced LED strip lights that provide a a distracting ‘dotting’ effect.

Luxx LED Strip Light_kitchen joinery_gineico lighting


The Metro Wall and Ceiling is an innovative strip LED product as the LED strip is encased in a flexible silicone diffuser. The Metro collection by Fabbian comes in a stainless-steel finish and can be ordered in 6m and 12m lengths. An innovative feature is that the end joints can be arranged diagonally or curved.

snakelight_exterior flexible stair lights_gineico lighting



There are many applications for outdoor LED strip lighting that you can choose from including path, driveway, landscaped paths, pond and fountain perimeters. The shadows and brightness of LED strip lighting outlines the edge of the path providing atmospheric light in the evening on plants, walls and ceilings.

Learn more about how we used LED strip lighting for stylish and practical use at our Mosman Residence project. This project features Microfile LED lighting in the staircase, balcony timber lined ceiling and also the garage timber lined ceiling. Would you like to talk to us about your architectural or interior design project, email us on showroom@gineico.com.

Interested in our unique designer lighting catalogue by exploring our extensive product range.

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All our designer lighting is designed and made in Italy. We work closely with the Italian lighting agencies to curate beautifully crafted lighting suites for our architects, interior designers and lighting designers. This means that when you consult with your clients you will have a bespoke design solution that will meet the budget and visual requirements for that project.

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