Microfile Luciferos Outdoor

Microfile outdoor

20 x 20mm extruded profile with integrated LED up to 20W per meter (2200lm).

The profile is available in different lengths and can be set flush into formed concrete via the stainless containment box, with a silicone insert to allow for heavy outdoor traffic, including walking over or driving over the exterior ground light. Rated IP65 means the profile is watertight. The Microfile Outdoor is a popular solution for garages, driveways and where a clever inground lighting option is required.

The Microfile Outdoor is part of the Microfile Collection of strip light LED, with both exterior and interior versions available for a variety of different applications.

Brand: LuciferosDesigner: Alessandro Duranti Category:
AREA: Exterior Surface: GroundIP Rating: 65Format: Recessed
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