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The Best Architectural Lighting For An Outdoor Room

As we come to the end of summer be assured you can extend the good times in an outdoor room through the autumn months and even into winter with these dazzling architectural light ideas. Designing a lighting plan for such a room requires a mix of task, ambient and ambient lighting.

The outdoor room is an extension of the home that during the day is flooded with natural light and by night is a sanctuary brightened and made ambient with architectural lighting that has both aesthetic and practical capabilities.

Of course, it’s easy, popular and cheaper to have downlights scattered throughout the ceiling, but how dull would that room be!!

Here we share our best Italian architectural outdoor room lights:


Ceiling-mounted Luciferos  Microfile  is ideal for low ceilinged outdoor rooms that may not allow for hanging light fixtures. Install these rather than sacrificing precious square footage to floor/table lamps or side tables and distract from beautiful outside views. Luciferos also has developed Microfile Outdoor for outside spaces.

Learn more about the Mosman, Sydney residential project  and how designer Corben Architects used Microfile.

Forma Fluorescent

The eye-catching  Forma Fluorescent is a timeless staple that is also nostalgic of fluoro fixtures of old.  The light is installable on a wall, ceiling or high-bay. Customers have used this also in garages and raved about the striking finished effect. Usually unheard of for your humble fluro!

Flik Flok

Luciferos FlikFlok Wall Indoor sets the most effective mood in an outdoor room. This lighting fixture will brighten up your place and wow guests as they are entertained. It is mood lighting and you can sometimes not see where it’s come from. It is mountable with the wide or the narrow face installed on a wall. Beautifully the angle points up or down. The FlikFlok Outdoor comes in marine grade aluminum that integrates a watertight high output LED strip that is usable in bathrooms and for exteriors.

Flik Flok -Outdoor Architectural Lighting

Mini Virtus 65

Design an outdoor room into a stylish retreat with the  Mini Virtus 65 . Made with AirCoral® (a patented material), this is a watertight wall light that has the appearance of stone. This is definitely a look at me light! Buzzi & Buzzi a leading international lighting designer specialises in Coral® products which are an innovative and sustainable.

Discover all our favourite Buzzi & Buzzi lights.

Gineico Lighting - Minivirtus IP65

Vintage Ship Lighting 2373

Vintage Ship Lighting 2373 is a solid marine grade, linear lighting fixture that is a standout for an oceanfront or holiday home outdoor room. Design options include brass finish, polished chrome, satin chrome (galvanised), copper or custom painted finish.

Vintage Ship Lighting

Luna Out

Luna Out is an ambient light that is soft and atmospheric. This creates a real inside room feeling in an outdoor room. Coming in a table lamp too, this moon-like sphere will uplight the ceiling, providing the soft light as well as directing light for task-oriented activities. By far a sellout this Australian summer season!

Gineico Lighting Luna out

Gineico Lighting is passionate about its brands and takes great care in ensuring the quality of the designed product and final visual effect is exactly what the client has envisioned.

All our lighting is designed and made in Italy. Light up your space with Gineico Lighting ceiling lights 

Our architecturally loved Italian lighting 

See more of our lights for your outdoor space.

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