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Salone del Mobile 2019 Design Highlights

The 2019 Salone del Mobile has come to an end but we are all still buzzing about the inspiring design, innovative new product releases, creative collaborations, and trailblazing exhibitions. Gineico Lighting ambassador Josh Watt from award-winning interior design agency Hecker Guthrie was there to bring you highlights from the week.

Here is a dose of design inspiration courtesy of Josh.

David Groppi Gineico Lighting 2019 Salone de Mobile

Davide Groppi Labirinti – Beautifully elegant and simple display stand showcasing where lighting becomes art.

Gineico Lighting Melongrablu Soap 2019 Salone de Mobile

Soap a truly unique piece by Melogranblu– from one of Italy’s finest handblown glass artisans. Loved by all, this interior lighting design group are renown for their installations in grand architectural spaces.

Gineico Lighting Melongranblu Salone de Mobile

The Melogranoblu new release table lamp Maat Api Bes, a white frosted favourite with the masses.

Check out the Soap series live on video from Melogranoblu

maat api bes_melogranoblu_table lamp ripple hand blown glass_melogranoblu_gineico lighting

The Maat Api Bes is part of a series of three pendants and table lamps with the fashionable colours: frosted, sapphire, amethyst and emerald. So elegant!!

Gineico Lighting Mitosi Salone de Mobile

The team loved the Bitossi  unglazed terracotta ceramics. Terracotta and peach on trend following on from Pantone selecting coral as colour of the year in 2019.

Gineico Lighting Luna Pendant Light Euroluce 2019

Ines Artdesign’s the Luna celebrates all things concerned with the moon, romance and mystery. This oversized pendant light (suitable for outdoors IP65 Rated) comes in a number of sizes – from 35cm to 120cm –  and  adds a striking statement piece to both exteriors and interior spaces.

Alpha Romeo exhibited the Tonal (which had only been launched at the Geneva auto show), the first plug-in hybrid compact SUV.  In the theme of lighting the new headlight design from Alpha.

soul outdoor lights_antonangeli_gineico lighting

New from Antonangeli,  the outdoor light Soul created a frenzy as this light is for outdoor use with an IP rating of 65.

Watch the fabulous Piu & Meno in action from Antonangeli

Salone del Mobile su filindeu Gineico Lighting

And of course, there was the Antonangeli launch party of their new lighting products in Archlinea where the incredible outdoor kitchen produced the bellissimo ‘su filindeu’ pasta. This is Italy’s rarest pasta made by only three people in the world.

Other highlights refueling every day with an espresso coffee, where even a coffee from the train station was aromatic and perfectly brewed.

Gineico Lighting Fontana Arte Euroluce 2019

Fontana Arte launched Lasospesa, and like the art of Fontana Arte: the light takes shape in an object that does not preclude function.

And this sumptuous Fonatana Arte Equatore pendant that can also be a table light.

The artist Thomas Demand reproduced a rock chamber, stalactites and stalagmites of a grotto on the island of Mallorca with 30 tons of grey cardboard. This was all shaped by a computer! Remarkable. This piece is called Grotto and Grotesque.  This work was first shown by Prada Foundation in Venice in 2007, the Italian fashion house persuaded him to make an exception and allow them to keep the grey cardboard sections. Now on permanent display at Prada Foundation. Prada Foundation was a design highlight for most and a visit is highly recommended.

Rossana Orlandi continues to ‘make plastic guiltless’, focusing on ways to design with waste plastics. The project is born to inspire the next generation of design in the fight against the environmental plastic pollution which today is one of the biggest problems to our planet. She is an advocate for emerging designer. Delve deeper into Rossana Orlandi’s statement on the Salone de Mobile 2018 prize. Such a great read!


VeniceM launched the Spear Chandelier, striking and futuristic contemporary take on the chandelier.

Gineico Lighting Serial Planks collection Euroluce

Serial Planks collection – easel by Francesco Faccin – Italy, 2016 Nilufar Edition Bronze 

Watch our video, PG live from Salone del Mobile explaining the Ivette from Fabbian

Armillo_gold_fabbian_gineico Lighting

Fabbian released the Armilla, inspired by the marvellous models of stars and planets called armillary spheres. It is steeped in Ancient Italian sensibilities. Loved this.

To get a glimpse of our time at the Euroluce 2019 take a look at our Instagram feed, with many stories and videos of the lighting we fell in love with. We share stories and pics of the inspiring week including the dreamy interiors, beautifully executed designs and new lighting design trends.


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