Commercial Lighting

Oliveriano Archaeological Museum

LOCATION: Pesaro, Italy

PROJECT: STARTT – Study of architecture and territorial transformations


PHOTOGRAPHER: Pietro Savorelli

DETAILS: Discover the captivating world of ancient artifacts at the newly reopened Oliveriano Archaeological Museum! Located within the stunning Palazzo Almerici, this museum showcases a fresh layout inspired by Jannis Kounellis’ concept of poor art.

One of the most striking features of the museum is its innovative lighting design. The aim was to create a tailored lighting experience for each section, allowing light to harmoniously interact with the architecture, exhibits, and supports. The museum’s structure takes you through sequences of “light,” “very dark,” and “intermediate” spaces, while the lighting itself follows the same pattern. It’s not just about design; here, light takes center stage, becoming the main theme itself – both in terms of beams and quality.

Thanks to cutting-edge LED technology, this project has achieved precise control over accent lights, enabling the definition of opening and closing rays of light beams. The result is a truly immersive journey where light guides your exploration of the ancient wonders on display.

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