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Chapel of the Nunziatina

LOCATION: Radda in Chianti, Tuscany, Italy

PROJECT: Designed by Massimo Dei, founder of Studio63


PHOTOGRAPHER: Pietro Savorelli

DETAILS: Dating back to the early 1200s, the Cappella della Nunziatina holds a significant place among the protected Cultural Heritage and Landscape sites. The restoration and preservation efforts overseen by the Superintendency have breathed new life into this historic gem.

A collaborative endeavour between Qu, responsible for the lighting intervention, and Studio63, entrusted with the architectural recovery, resulted in a captivating transformation. Their goal was to meticulously study, design, and implement a lighting system that seamlessly integrated with the surrounding environment, casting a gentle and captivating radiance while enhancing the original materials.

A subtle yet evocative ambience is achieved through the skilful arrangement of indirect linear sources, floor-mounted fixtures, and elegantly minimalist suspended elements. This artful composition allows for a delicate interplay of light, blending harmoniously with the Chapel’s structure. The illuminating fixtures guide visitors along the nave, leading them to the sanctified space of the sacristy.

As twilight descends, the Chapel’s presence becomes even more pronounced amidst the ancient pines. The intentions of Qu and Studio63 come into sharper focus: to use brushstrokes of light to beckon visitors towards the Church’s historical significance. With each enchanting glow, they strive to kindle a sense of discovery, inviting all to delve into the rich historical tapestry of this remarkable place.

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