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Pendant lights for your commercial interior

Show-stopper pendant lighting is key in a commercial space and the type of lighting selected for an interior can turn a dull room into a well lit productive space. Pendant lights can also offer fun or sophisticated elements to your office, building, retail space and restaurant.

A building may not have natural light and the quality of indirect and direct light is important in creating a positive experience for occupants in the space. When in the design process think about how the pendant light will illuminate the interior alongside the natural light you already have. Integration of the pendant light with recess lighting elements are central to the design process.

Pendant lights can be either in clusters, hung in a decorative series, or as a stand-alone light fixture that serves also as the focal point of a room.

Standalone pendants

Rules of engagement for selecting the size of a stand-alone pendant light is the larger the space you want to illuminate the bigger the pendant light. Decorative pendants perform as a task light, helping you to perform a particular task. Used as a  spotlight this stand-alone light fixture serves as the focal point of a room.

Cluster pendants

One of the more impressive lighting trends is clustering, which works beautifully over tables and reception areas. A cluster of lights can be two to ten lights hanging from a standalone fixture.

Design execution

A smaller pendant light can be appropriate for a smaller desk acting as a task light. Whilst a cluster of smaller three pendants is suited to a large reception area harnessing a cosy ambient light.

Consider pendant lights that have dimmers installed so that you can enjoy both bright and ambient light. Or select lights with diffusers to create a soft glow rather than a harsh shadow. Some design execution is more appropriate than others depending on your lighting plan-so think carefully about the appearance, practicality, energy-performance of your space and ambience.

Here we share our selection of pendant lights to find the perfect pendant for your commercial space.

suspension white milk_kreadesign_gineico lighting

The Bianco Latte Suspension by Krea Design with its beautiful opal blown glass drop pendant lights hover elegantly in a commercial space. This  multi-light pendant is a great choice if you are looking to emulate a casual look and feel in your space.

A variation of this is the Bianco Latte Multi Suspension, featuring three opal lights. These pendant lights without the glare, are perfect for a restaurant, creating a comfortable space for diners.

Gineico Lighting Penelope Pendant Antanginonelli

The Penelope Suspension designed by Gianfranco Marabese from the Antonangeli design house is an elegant metal mesh pendant light that comes in white, black brushed raw brass and brushed bronze. The striking architectural lighting piece also forms a sculptural artwork. A favourite with our interior designers.

Misty_sphere_burnished brass_white glass_VeniceM_Gineico Lighting

Designer lighting at its best, the VeniceM  Misty Suspension elegantly suspends over tables with diffused light. This adds finesse to your commercial space. A very popular light for entrance hallways.

Gineico Lighting Luna Pendant Light Euroluce 2019

Replicating the moon Marchetti‘s Moon is soft, beautiful and ethereal. The pendant light is designed to illuminate with direct light, perfect in the placement where you perform a particular task.

Gineico Lighting - Fontana Arte - Pinecone Pendant 6

The striking Pinecone Pendant by Fontana Arte is one of our more popular lights for reception areas.  The diffuser is manufactured using the ancient caged blown glass technique: the glassmaker blows the molten glass blob into a metal cage, which only partly contains the blob’s natural expansion. Engineering and design beauty at its best.

Urban lightline pendant suspension_venicem_gineico lighting

Urban Lightline Suspension by VeniceM is similar to multi-light pendants, composed of a tubular light source that runs along a single canopy. Popular in retail and design houses.

Less pendant by VeniceM from Gineico Lighting

Less3 by VeniceM is a handcrafted suspended lamp with a diffused light. The simple silhouettes are reminiscent of the beautiful art deco art of the 40s. Less is a great choice if you are looking to emulate the look of a traditional chandelier. This modern pendant light is perfect if you are looking for a WOW factor.

Pendant Light

The Cloche designed by Fontana Arte is a fun direct downwards light that works perfectly in clusters.

Gineico Lighting

Claque lighting from Fabbian is striking pendant light for a reception or desk area.

Fun and casual the Minuet by Fabbian is soft and minimalist. Brilliant for illuminating the centre of your store with a cluster of the Minuet pendant lights.

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