Genius downlight with an emission hole as small as a 20 mm hole

  • The Genius series of downlights have an emission hole as small as a 20 mm hole and delivers the same output as a full-sized downlight
  • Enables easy maintenance, with an innovative push-pull mechanism from the light emission hole to change the globe
  • The Genius Concrete and Genius Naked are market leading in doing such a tiny yet powerful downlight
  • Made of AirCoral® an innovative non-allergenic material combining natural and aggregating elements


The Buzzi & Buzzi Genius downlight is a new breed of discreet architectural lighting, with a 20 mm diameter hole that disappears into the recessed ceiling space.  No more ugly large size downlights that create a ‘runway’ effect when on.

The name ‘Genius ‘ responds to satisfying the customer demands of creating ambient light effects, creating the desired mood, together with the best performance in a mix of architectural spaces.

There are 10 different versions of the Genius downlight, with the lumen and size varies depending on the design. The small downlight punches out as much as 800 lm. The Genius range includes white (that is painted into the ceiling colour), black, brass, round, square, curved, slope, dim to warm, dynamic and twin versions. Install in all surfaces, including but not limited to wood, marble, metal and concrete.

DownlightsOutdoor Architectural LightingDownlightsDownlightsDownlightsDownlightsGenius inzeta_recessed adjustable sptlight_buzzi_Gineico Lightinggenius concrete_buzzi_gineico lightingThe lighting body is pre-mounted on the cladding panel and is installed on materials with a thickness from 5 mm to 20 mm and in a cavity of 80 mm.

The Genius range has an IP20 protection grade but also includes the Genius Naked IP65 that is used in bathroom and outdoor applications.

The maintenance of the light bulb is a simple manual gesture, thanks to the push-pull mechanism which makes it easy to extract and replace the LED source. If no maintenance hatch is included in the lighting design for competing downlights essentially the ceiling is destroyed to access the downlight and or the downlight housing is fully replaced.


Pierluigi Gambacorti, Gineico Lighting Director and Buzzi & Buzzi National distributor says, “The innovative push-pull mechanism from the light emission hole, is only 20 mm wide, as big as a $2 dollar coin. The Genius downlight becomes the feature with the hole disappearing when the light is off”.

“Changing the downlight is cutting edge in the downlight community, in that it has a push pull mechanism to change the bulb, long term cheaper for your architectural and interior design client”.

Pierluigi says, “Our architects, interior designers and lighting engineers are using it for both domestic and commercial residences as it is practical and easy for Electricians on projects to install. This is Italian designer lighting at its best. The high-quality workmanship and the luminaire housing are stand out features”.

The downlight is made in Coral®, an innovative material conceived by Buzzi & Buzzi, combining good design and a combination of natural and aggregating elements that make it extremely resistant to high temperatures, knocks, scratches fire resistance and thermal shock. As a result, the product has a strong affinity with the environment, is inert, totally non-allergic and dust repellent.

Genius By Buzzi and Buzzi - Gineico Lighting

Josh Watt from award-winning interior design firm Hecker Guthrie has specified the Genius range in a Melbourne townhouse. Finding they provided an understated solution to the general lighting. Josh Watt, from Hecker Guthrie described the use of the Genius, “The basic round is a remarkable fitting, almost entirely concealed it provides a huge amount of light through a tiny aperture. Only drawing attention to itself because it’s so inconspicuous, it leaves the ceiling clean of visible function. I think what we love about it is its only statement is its remarkable size, plus it offers a family of fittings providing for wet areas as well.”

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