Gineico-Lighting-2021-Marchetti-Suspended-ULAOP LEATHER-10
Gineico-Lighting-2021-Marchetti-Suspended-ULAOP LEATHER-10 Gineico-Lighting-2021-Marchetti-Suspended-ULAOP LEATHER-14 Gineico-Lighting-2021-Marchetti-Suspended-ULAOP LEATHER-13 Gineico-Lighting-2021-Marchetti-Suspended-ULAOP LEATHER-12 Gineico-Lighting-2021-Marchetti-Suspended-ULAOP LEATHER-11 Gineico-Lighting-2021-Marchetti-Suspended-ULAOP LEATHER-9 Gineico-Lighting-2021-Marchetti-Suspended-ULAOP LEATHER-8 Gineico-Lighting-2021-Marchetti-Suspended-ULAOP LEATHER-7 Gineico-Lighting-2021-Marchetti-Suspended-ULAOP LEATHER-6 Gineico-Lighting-2021-Marchetti-Suspended-ULAOP LEATHER-5 Gineico-Lighting-2021-Marchetti-Suspended-ULAOP LEATHER-4 Gineico-Lighting-2021-Marchetti-Suspended-ULAOP LEATHER-3 Gineico-Lighting-2021-Marchetti-Suspended-ULAOP LEATHER-2


The Ulaop family expands by joining the skin to diffuse the light.

The leather acts as an electrification system giving life to a series of modular products with leather straps at varying heights, bracelets embellished with gold colored press studs, hooks and rosettes. The compositions can be one-way, two way (with double solution) and three-way.

When the skin and the rings combine with each other, they transfer energy and diffuse light into the environment. It is not just a lamp, but it is a piece of furniture and a decorative accessory with a modern character.

Brand: MarchettiDesigner: Studio Bizzarri
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AREA: Interior Surface: CeilingFormat: Suspended

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