Gineico Lighting - Soap_Sphere_Suspended_2
Gineico Lighting - Soap_Sphere_Suspended_2 Gineico Lighting - Soap_Sphere_Suspended_Part Gineico Lighting - Soap_Sphere_Suspended

Soap Sphere Pendant

Transparency in transparency. Soap Collection plays with the power of light.

The glass sculpture inside is revealed only when the light source makes the external mirrored element transparent. The metallized hand-blown glass sphere houses an inner frosted bubble sculpture. Metal parts are in brushed brass and cable in metallic mesh titanium.

Diameter is 300mm with an electric cable up to 2m long ( can be adjusted on site.)

Brand: MelogranobluDesigners: In House, Massimo Crema, Ermanno Rocchi
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AREA: Interior Surface: CeilingColour Temperature: 2800IP Rating: 20Format: Suspended