Mini Magnetic Track

The Mini Magnetic Track is an electrified track in Class Ill – SELV with two circuits, one circuit for the power supply and one for the DATA BUS (DALI or 1-10V).

  • The supply voltage can be 24V or48V, depending on the models of inserted projectors, and the supply current must not exceed 15 Amperes. At the top of all the tracks is a metal sheet for the magnetic fixing of the projectors.
  • During assembly, it is necessary to respect the polariza­tion only for the luminaires that need it.
  • The white and black version is available in the ceiling version, suspen­sion, in the trimless and trimless recessed versions only the black version is available.
  • The trimless recessed versions must be completed with plasterboard brackets that allow installation on 12.5mm, 15mm and 18mm thicknesses.
  • The recessed trimless recessed versions can be installed on 12.5mm thick plasterboard. Microfile modules track can only be inserted on tracks powered at 24V.
  • The spotlights, depending on the model, can be inserted in tracks powered at 24V and I or 48V.
  • The DALI dimmable spotlights are equipped with non-polarized converters that allow the connection in any direction, and Hot Plug technology for safe insertion in “ON” status.
AREA: Interior Surface: Ceiling, WallMaximum Depth: Less than 100mmFormat: Recessed, TrackControl Protocol: DALI, Phase DIM – TECRI: 90

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