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As part of the larger LBS Collection, the LBS Trimless Recessed provides an oversized, direct, diffuse downlight option.

With seamless trimless integration into the ceiling plane and and engineered diffuser, light outputs of up to 11,754 lumens can be achieved.

  • 3 Sizes | Ø735mm, Ø1035mm, Ø1335mm
  • Finishes | Black or White
  • Colour Temperature | 3000k, 4000k
  • Output | 3358 – 11,754lm
  • Dimming | DALI or Push


Also available in LBS Ceiling, LBS Suspension, LBS Wall, LBS System

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AREA: Interior Surface: CeilingColour Temperature: 3000, 4000IP Rating: 43Maximum Depth: Greater than 100mmBeam Angle: DiffuseFormat: RecessedControl Protocol: DALI, Fixed OutputCRI: >80
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