Genius Dim to Warm

Genius Dim to Warm is a totally recessed light, with body made in AirCoral®, ideal for indoor ceiling-mounted installations, both on drywall and bricks.
Without changing any of the features of the original Genius, the LED technology used here allows both light intensity and Finish temperature control, dimmable from 1800 K to 3000 K, to be controlled.


More Details

A product with CRI 95, which guarantees all digital technology has to offer, while continuing to give the emotions of halogen.
The electrical part can be removed through the light hole, thanks to a push-pull mechanism making it easy to pull the LED light source out and replace it.
The only visible aperture is the 20 mm outlet, with no need for any inspection hatch, nor for invasive maintenance operations.

  • AirCoral® body
  • IP20 protection grade
  • Light inclination: 90°
  • Dimensions 125 x 100 x 135 mm
  • Light emission hole Ø 20 mm
  • COB professional LED source – LED 6W 350mA 100 lm/W
  • LED Finish temperature: 1800 K – 3000 K


AREA: Interior Surface: CeilingIP Rating: 20Maximum Depth: Greater than 100mmBeam Angle: 90°Format: RecessedCRI: 95

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