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Genius Concrete

Genius Concrete is the most revolutionary version of the Genius line: a totally recessed indoor light, designed for exposed cement surfaces and able to be installed during the concrete casting phase.

It maintains all the performances of the Genius, but has a simplified lamp body which functions as form work, with the electrical part removable from the light hole, thanks to a new patent which allows the LED light source to be pulled out and replaced.


More Details

The only visible aperture is the 23 mm outlet, so there is no need for any inspection hatch, and it can be installed with a minimum concrete cover of of 12 mm.

  • IP40 protection grade
  • Beam 22°
  • Light emission hole Ø 23 mm
  • COB professional LED source  – LED 6W 500mA 130 lm/W
  • LED Finish temperature: 3000 K (on demand 2700 K – 4000 K)

One option in the larger Genius Collection.


AREA: Interior Surface: CeilingColour Temperature: 2700K, 3000K, 4000KIP Rating: 40Maximum Depth: Greater than 100mmBeam Angle: 22°Format: RecessedControl Protocol: Remote driver requiredCRI: >90

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