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Genius Basic

Absolute perfection in a small product. At only 20mm in diameter the Genius Basic, a totally recessed indoor device, now available in the new Coral® version.

This high-performing and efficient product has a light emission that reaches 800 lm, and it is extremely compact also in the non-visible part, due to the option of being installed in just 80 mm recessed ceiling space . The innovative extraction mechanism from the light emission hole, which is only 20 mm wide, makes it easier to introduce or change the LED light during the maintenance.

The Genius Range includes the more powerful Genius downlight, also in curved, twin, brass and black, together with a IP65 rated waterproof version. Installation into timber, stone or metal ceilings is now possible with the Genius Naked.

AREA: Interior Surface: CeilingMaximum Depth: Less than 100mmBeam Angle: 40°Format: RecessedControl Protocol: DALI, Phase DIM – TECRI: >80
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