Melogranoblu’s Hydra Collection is the artistic vision of designers Massimo Crema and Ermano Rocchi. Their collection of ornamental Venetian hand-blown glass sculptures is hung from the ceiling by mesh cords available in a range of Finish. Those cords can be positioned in different clusters on the ceiling (on site), they can be cut at different lengths and the glass sculptures can be hung on them at any height (adjustable on site). The lighting comes from low glare downlights recessed in the ceiling directly above. This creates a totally customisable pendant with a stunning light/shade sparkle effect.

Our technical office is ready to work with you to design your custom pendant and we can provide designs and Finish simulations to assist with creating the perfect composition for your specific project.

Brand: MelogranobluDesigner: Massimo Crema, Ermanno Rocchi
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AREA: Interior

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