Semplice Track spotlights are professional track-mount projectors for ceiling or wall installation. Cylindrical body and optical group in painted extruded aluminium, steel mechanical joints, optical group 355° vertically and +/- 90° horizontally adjustable through sliding-rod mechanism. Position is maintained by blocking pointing.

Complete with professional LED source 2700K, 3000K e 4000K; optic 29°- 42° for Ø55 and 15°, 24° e 38° for Ø90/120,interchangeable Twist & Lock, also available in dali or trailing/leading edge dimmable version. Track versions supplied with euro adaptor. Compatible with track One Track (A.A.G. Stucchi ) or Global Track pulse (Nordic Aluminium).

Also available in Semplice Surface version.

Project Feature – Forth Street Woollahra – see more


  • Sizes | Ø55mm, Ø90mm
  • Finishes | White, Black or Moka
  • LED | 2700K, 3000K , 4000K, Horticulture or Tunable White
  • Beam | 29°- 42° for Ø55mm and 15°, 24° e 38° for Ø90mm
  • Dimming | Switch, Trailing-Edge or DALI