The Ecla is a Ø160 rounded recessed light with 30 mm rearward frosted glass. It is an invisible product, a discreet design, a unique light for infinite project solutions.

The Ecla, is a totally disappearing indoor recessed luminaire made of AirCoral®, installable on plasterboard or brick ceilings.

The harmony created by the perfect combination of technology and elegance, is the main features of Ecla. A unique line, for 3 different lamp types, the answer to any design need

  • AirCoral® body
  • IP40 protection grade
  • 90° light beam inclination
  • Light emission hole Ø 100 mm
  • Body dimensions Ø 160 x 120 mm / Ø 160 x 135 mm
  • Light source
    • QR CB 51 dichroic (both halogen and LED)
    • QPAR 16 (both halogen and LED)
    • Professional COB LED
  • LED Finish temperature: 3000K (2700K – 4000K upon request)
  • Push/Dali dimmable LED available upon request

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