Gineico Lighting Genius Twin downlights
Gineico Lighting Genius Twin downlights Genius Twin Round downlights by Gineico Lighting

Genius Twin Round

The Genius range of lights are small yet powerfully elegant. The Genius Twin Round is a cost effective  solution to double the intensity of light while totally disappearing into the ceiling. The Genius Twin Round is a recessed luminaire for indoor spaces, made of AirCoral®. Installed on plasterboard or brick ceilings, is able to emit an incredible light intensity for just a 20 mm emission hole, so tiny that it disappears when the product is turned off.


More Details
  • With a simple hand gesture, the electric part can be extracted directly from the hole which allows the light to pour out. This is possible thanks to the push-pull mechanism, which makes the eventual extraction and replacement of the LED source easier in case of maintenance.
AREA: Interior Surface: CeilingBeam Angle: 40°Format: RecessedControl Protocol: DALI, Phase DIM – TECRI: >80

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