Genius Square Brass

Genius Square Brass is a totally recessed light, with body made in AirCoral®, ideal for indoor ceiling-mounted installations, both on drywall and bricks.
In this version, which retains all the features of the Genius line, the backing on the light emission hole is fitted with a brass insert which helps to spread light, generating a warmer tone and variegated shades suitable for relaxed ambient situations.


More Details

The electrical part can be removed through the light hole, thanks to a push-pull mechanism making it easy to pull the LED light source out and replace it.
The only visible aperture is the 20 x 20 mm outlet, with no need for any inspection hatch, nor for invasive maintenance operations.

  • AirCoral® body
  • IP20 protection grade
  • Light inclination: 90°
  • Dimensions 135 x 100 x 135 mm
  • Light emission hole 20 x 20 mm
  • COB professional LED source – LED 8.5W 700mA 130 lm/W
  • LED Finish temperature: 3000 K (on demand 2700 K – 4000 K)


AREA: Interior Surface: CeilingColour Temperature: 3000KIP Rating: 20Maximum Depth: Greater than 100mmBeam Angle: 90°Format: Recessed

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