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Buzzi & Buzzi – Private Villa Darzo




DETAILS: In this contemporary luxury home in Darzo, lighting from Buzzi & Buzzi seamlessly integrates with the architectural volumes, creating a harmonious blend of form and function. Each luminaire is carefully chosen to meet specific application needs, tied together by a thread of functionality and efficiency.

In the modern kitchen, The Tube serves as a captivating focal point. With its slender 15mm diameter, it delicately suspends above the sleek wooden countertop, casting a warm and inviting glow that enhances the organic elegance of the space.

The Genius Naked fixtures used in the timber ceiling, invisible by design, radiate a silent elegance. A discrete 20mm aperture reveals its presence, casting an extraordinary glow from within, creating a subtle interplay of sophistication and simplicity. These fixtures fulfil the lighting designers’ dreams with their uncompromising power, allowing the ceiling to remain clean and showcasing the warm beauty of the oak and walnut wood panelling.

The term “spotlight” takes on a broader meaning with Buzzi & Buzzi’s Q4 48V track projector used in the lounge room. Renowned for its versatility, it features a compact size, a wide choice of aluminium cylinder finishes, and a 360° swivel joint. Perfectly hidden within the B55 48V track in the walnut panels of the suspended ceiling, Q4 48V accurately illuminates the space without overshadowing the architectural design.


Products Used in This Project

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