Gineico Lighting-Olympic Pendant light

Our favourite statement Italian pendant lighting

There is nothing more glamorous and sexier than statement Italian pendant lighting in a room that ‘wows’ people beyond belief.  A showcase pendant light can be placed over dining tables as task lighting, and in lounge rooms, entryways and reception areas as showpiece statement. Mix and matching colours and hanging heights for some beautiful effects are often used in hotels and restaurants too. Discover our best Italian pendant lighting:

VeniceM - Urban Suspension 3-Pendant

Urban Collection

Part of the Urban Collection by VeniceM,  the Urban Ceiling is a beautiful range and budget, entry level product from. A sleek and sophisticated cost-effective option from VeniceM, the Urban Collection includes Urban Wall Turning Arm, , Urban Suspension, and Urban Table  is a perfect solution for various uses. These are handcrafted in Italy by some of the finest Murano glass makers.

Skyfall brss pendant light by Antonangeli_Gineico Lighting

Skyfall Pendant

The Skyfall Pendant epitomises the Made In Italy labelling. These are made in hand-hammered metal by the masters of Zanetti, Antonangeli. And if you like this beauty you will also most definitely like the Candela Di Vals. This is very soft and subtle for a room, perfect for lounge rooms, dining rooms and reception areas.
Alpha By Melograno Blu - Gineico Lighting

Alpha Chandelier

Luxurious lighting by Melogranoblu shimmers and dazzles and every architectural lighting piece that they create is a show stopper. Alpha Chandelier  are made up of ornamental Venetian hand-blown glass sculptures that when lit look like floating light sculptural pieces. In the design vernacular chandeliers suggest prestige and luxury, which if you want a modern interpretation of this have a look at Melogranoblu’s  Top Chandelier .
Vitamin VeniceM Pendant

Kitami Suspension

VeniceM created the Kitami Suspension architectural lighting perfect for entertaining areas. The unique, hand-made lighting and custom-made design is a mix of the great tradition of Italian craftsmanship and art. If you like these look at the Crown Suspension excellent architectural lighting for over dining tables, reception areas and entertaining spaces.

iCementi Suspension

The iCementi Suspension created by Luciferos  is part of the iCementi collection.  Made of a patented substrate called Piumacemento®, this combination airated concrete and fibreglass material can sit on its own as task lighting over a table in a work place or a dinning room. The iCementi suspended from the roof range also includes a bar light and a pear pendant.



The Carmen is a magnificent handcrafted blown glass created by Melogranoblu. The light architecture or spectacle of light focuses the sensory of light through this hand crafted glass. If you like these, you will also most absolutely love Melogranoblu’s Hydra collection which is reminiscent to glacial flowers. Pendant lighting with a difference.

Gineico Lighting-Olympic Pendant light

Olympic Rings

Olympic Rings by Fabbian is as it’s namesake inspired by the Olympic Games rings. The 3 thin circular rings look extraordinary in high ceilinged and grand spaces. When one or more light rings are connected to one another, the luminous sources interconnect creating a hierarchy of lights that clarifies the space.‎ Another Fabbian favourite is Glu Pendant which is an unusually shaped shade made of white matte aluminium.

Penombra Pendant

Antonangelilli‘s Penumbra Pendant consists of a curved metal screen and a small plate underneath, on which the LED illuminant is located. There are some interesting light reflections happening when illuminating smaller spaces.

Mondrian Glass  Ceiling

Our architects and lighting designers can never get enough of the Mondrian Glass Ceiling. The materials used by VeniceM for the pendant lighting is natural and polished brass, with black nickel and Murano blown glass. Our favourite installation is over dining tables!! Entertaining will never be the same again.

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Our mission at Gineico is to improve the overall aesthetics of an interior with our lights while taking into consideration the intended use, impact, budget and functionality of the lighting scheme before developing several lighting design proposals for our customer. Read about all the Italian brands we represent.

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